Tavis Hasenfus
State Representative for House District 57
Readfield & Winthrop

About Tavis


Tavis is a resident of Readfield, living less than a mile away from his childhood home in Winthrop. He and Nicole (nee Emery) Hasenfus, his wife and high school sweetheart, have a four-year-old daughter Gavia, and two sons Griffin (two) and Grafton (one). Tavis is the son of David Hasenfus and Leah (nee Turner) Glazier.

Growing up on the shore of Lake Maranacook, Tavis enjoyed all the recreational and sporting activities it provides. This experience helped shape his commitment to keeping Maine’s waters and woods clean and protected, so his own children, and all of Maine’s children can do the same. He currently serves on the board, and was the former president of, the Friends of Cobbossee Watershed, a local non-profit with this very mission. In the 130th legislative session, Tavis served on the Committee on Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Business.

Tavis attended Winthrop Public Schools and is a third generation Winthrop high school graduate, class of 2006. As a student, he was a civic leader, being both class and student council president while excelling at football, hockey and baseball. Tavis graduated from the University of Maine in 2010 with a B.A. in Philosophy and minors in Ethics, Anthropology, and Religion. He then graduated from the University of Maine School of Law, before returning to Winthrop to work at Levey, Wagley, Putman & Eccher as an attorney.

In addition to serving on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed, Tavis is also a Board member of the Winthrop Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce. He has volunteered as member of the Winthrop Recreation Committee and as a coach for young athletes of all ages.

Tavis can think of no better place to live and work than Readfield and Winthrop. This community stole his heart from a young age and his bond to the area only grows stronger with time.

On the Issues

Maine's Economy

We need to use our tax revenues and target the federal funds coming to Maine to fund

infrastructure and to fight inflation to support those in need, similar to the programs I supported last year and that our Governor and Legislature enacted with bipartisan support:

I have worked to:

✅ Fully fund the state share of education costs at 55% -- for the first time in history!

✅ Expand the Homestead Exemption, reducing the amount of tax Mainers pay on their homes.

✅ Expand the Property Tax Fairness Credit for both homeowners and renters, particularly those over age 65.

✅ Support other property tax relief initiatives.

Healthcare & Reproductive Rights

I voted to require health insurers to cover fertility care, because having a child should not be contingent on your insurance plan. I voted to expand the children’s health insurance program.

I always voted on the side of improving access and quality of care, all while keeping private insurance costs flat or even lower.

Maine has strong statutory support for the right to choose and to protect the bodily autonomy of women and girls. I fully support those laws and policies. I will fight against any move to restrict the right to a safe abortion. Abortion is a personal medical decision.

Supporting Our Workers

I am pro-labor and proud of my votes to support the rights of working people in Maine. Whether organized as a union or working in solidarity, our health care workers, wood workers, mill workers, store workers, and office workers need to be free of discrimination and paid a livable wage.

There is often the misconception that being pro-worker means that one is anti-business. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Small business is the lifeblood of Maine and small business ownership is what feeds my family. I supported programs to help small businesses recover from the pandemic, supported grant programs to help new Maine businesses grow, voted to provide tax incentives to help Maine businesses and I will always strike a balance between what is fair for the business and what is fair for the worker, as one does not have to choose between supporting business and supporting workers.

Voting Rights

Voting rights. As we have seen all across the country voting rights are under attack, and this is terrifying. The right to vote is the foundation of our democracy and we must do everything in our power to protect the right of all eligible Mainers to vote. During my work as your State Representative, we took many measures to make sure that Maine protected these rights, and to make sure that every legal vote was counted with absolute precision.

We must continue to pass legislation like LD 231 which allows Independents to for the first time ever vote in a primary. We must also remove big money from Maine politics. We can close the loophole which allows foreign corporations to spend huge money on Maine referendum questions. We should expand ranked choice voting to all state elections where our Constitution allows us to do so.

Safe, secure and accurate elections are instrumental to a functioning democracy, and we must do everything we can to protect the integrity of our elections. Every vote must be counted, but no vote counted twice. I have been pleased with Shenna Bellows commitment to keeping Maine elections free, fair, inclusive, and precise. One of my top priorities regarding elections is to vote again for Shenna Bellows as our Secretary of State.

Protecting Our Lakes

Our lakes are key to our environmental well being and our economy that relies on tourism. Our Maine lakes are crucial for drinking water, recreation, and are crucial to the property values in Winthrop and Readfield. Those lakes must be protected from invasive species. Right here in Winthrop and Readfield we have two significant infestations and all of our lakes are at risk.

As a long term member of the Cobbossee Watershed District I have supported programs to keep our lakes healthy. My emergency bill in the last session of the Maine Legislature LD 1826 — requires the Interagency Task Force on Invasive Aquatic Plants and Nuisance Species to develop an action plan for addressing current and future infestations and requires that plan to be reviewed biannually by the legislature.


Being from a family of educators and the product of our local education system, I know firsthand the importance of providing quality and affordable education to our children and young adults. No two children are alike and their education shouldn’t force them into a “one size fits all” mold. Local schools should have enough funding to assure that each student has the opportunity for an educational program that fits that student’s needs, without requiring towns to increase property taxes.

For graduating seniors we need to find a way to offer them affordable options in all areas of study from apprenticeships and trade school, to universities. I voted to fully fund Maine’s public schools, for the first time ever paying the promised 55%. I voted to provide free community college to Maines recent graduates, and I always voted to support our teachers.

Aging in Maine

It is heartbreaking to hear the stories of our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, that saved their entire life only to lose everything paying for their nursing care. Our government should provide in home supports, and property tax relief to keep seniors in their home. Seniors should also be entitled to pass on a portion of their lifetime assets to the next generation. With an aging population it is of the utmost importance to rethink how we care for our elderly.

Last year, we provided tax relief to family caregivers, increased the property tax exemptions for elderly Mainer’s, and I am currently working with a group of experts to find a way to move my bill, LD 1427, forward so we can ease the burden on families dealing with the stringent financial requirements of a long-term care application and help them leave a little something to their family.


A key driver of inflationary pressures in Maine is due to the lack of housing in general and affordable housing in particular. We need more housing and we need to target our State and federal resources to affordable housing.

In my last term in the Legislature, we allocated over $120 million to housing, eliminated the sales tax paid by non-profit housing builders (and we should consider extending this to all builders of housing). We can’t expect our workers to support their families if they can’t afford to rent or own a home. Local communities need to rethink some of the outdated zoning laws.

I also supported a law to extend resources to towns to help them develop new zoning ordinances and to reduce the burdens towns can place on development. The delicate balance between statewide mandates and our cherished tradition of local control may need a careful review. Local and regional partnerships will be crucial to solving this crisis.

Finally, as your State Representative, I was instrumental in creating the Maine Land Bank Authority, a new state agency designed to help towns rehabilitate blighted properties to bring them back to productive use, whether it be as housing, commercial use, and to create comprehensive plans of how to develop sustainably.

Responsible Leadership

No more hateful or extreme talk. It’s time to listen to each other. I sincerely believe that the most important trait of elected officials is to work with all other officials in a responsible fashion. Respect, honesty, integrity, compassion and cooperation, are central to my life and my campaign.

I work hard every day to practice these values and to encourage those around me to do the same. Over the past two years I worked collaboratively with Democrats, Independents and Republicans to strengthen and pass bills that help Maine. I have developed a reputation on the Innovation, Economic Advancement, and Business Committee for cutting through the partisan nonsense to bring input from all sides to craft strong bipartisan legislation.


Mike Levey

“Tavis has made this community proud his whole life as a student, athlete, and attorney, husband and father. Now he is making us proud as our state representative. Tavis is mature beyond his years. He knows what is most important to our community and he has excellent communication skills. He deserves to be re-elected. I am proud to vote for him.”

Dave Poulin

“Tavis has always done things the right way. I loved having him as a Civics student, admired his commitment and dedication as a high school and college athlete, and salute his love for his family.Tavis has the capacity to understand what people want and need and makes decisions to advocate on their behalf."

Bill Stone

“I’ve known Tavis as a colleague on the Winthrop Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce Board and as a source of legal advice. He has proven to be accurate, reliable, and conscientious. The legislation he sponsors and supports reveals a man who cares about data driven decision making done with compassion. In a world crying out for civil discourse and we’ll reasoned actions, Tavis is a leader.”

Terry Shehata

“As my representative, I witnessed Tavis Hasenfus as a key member of the Joint Standing Committee on Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement and Business, instill a common sense approach in debating the merits of a bill to establish the Maine Space Corporation, a bill I pursued as the Executive director of the Maine Space Grant Consortium. Establishing a space corporation in Maine was an unusual consideration since few were aware that Maine has the opportunity to take a leadership role in the growing global new space economy by launching small satellites with small launch vehicles into polar orbits. Such as a corporation would lead to economic development and, equally important, provide the opportunity to train and retain Maine’s students and immigrants graduating with aerospace-related STEM degrees, attract highly skilled workers and their families from out of state, encourage startups and spur development in Maine’s seven technology sectors, and develop globally based applications for research, commercial and consumer uses. Representative Hasenfus, like most committee members, was intrigued by the concept of the space corporation and the opportunities it would lead to but wanted verifiable information that the opportunities were real, that the state would not be straddled with financially supporting the corporation, and that the corporation was needed. Representative Hasenfus was deliberate in asking pointed questions and worked with committee members to craft an amendment to the corporation’s bill that satisfied most members. At the end, the committee passed the bill with a wide margin. The bill passed the full Legislature and was signed into law by the Governor on April 18, 2022. I was very impressed with how Representative Hasenfus navigated through a very complex matter and how he engaged other committee members in the discussion to better understand the need and implications of the corporation. From a personal perspective, this showed me that Representative Hasenfus is an even-keeled individual who votes on the merits of topics and is not afraid to vote against bills that come before him that do not make sense for his constituents and for the state. I am proud to cast my vote to re-elect Tavis Hasenfus as my representative.”

Jess Folsom

Tavis is the kind of leader that we need to re-elect to Augusta. He is able to listen, understand and work for the people of District 57 regardless of political party. He can reach across the aisle to accomplish what is best for the people in his district with respect and integrity, which is needed in today's politics. He is a kind, approachable, down to earth, and honest person that knows and understands those he serves.

Jackie Kempton

Having known Tavis since he was a young boy, I can say without reservation that he has what it takes to serve our two communities! He is passionate about his job. He does it with respect, honesty, and concern for the welfare of all - as well as his willingness to work with both sides of the aisle in order to benefit our two towns. Please consider voting for him on November 8th so he can continue the good work he is doing.

Marc Fortin

I’ve known Tavis Rock Hasenfus since he was 12 years old entering Winthrop Middle School, where I taught Social Studies.

I coached him through seven varsity seasons in high school; he was always an all state athlete exemplifying excellence in sports, achieved by a strong, focused work ethic.

I saw him play Division I baseball at the University of Maine Orono and watched him graduate Summa Cum Laude.

I watched him pass his bar exam and become a respected Maine lawyer, then come back to work in his hometown of Winthrop.

He continues giving back to this community by volunteering and coaching youth sports.

One thing you can expect from Tavis - if you re-elect him - is 100% effort and commitment; it’s what he’s always brought to the table. He never brings less, he doesn’t know how, it is not in his nature.

Dennis Price

I have known Tavis for several years and I am proud to support him for the Maine legistlature. He was born in this district, raised in this district, and has seen this district grow and evolve.

More than being a good legislator, Tavis is an even better person and father. He is making decisions for his constituents as well as his family, and that is something he doesn't take lightly.

Tavis has my support because he is real, down to earth, and wants to help. He's done a great job so far, and I'm looking forward to sending him back.

Peter Washburn

A vote for Tavis Hasenfus is a vote for common sense, strong family and community values, environmental awareness, and hard work.

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